Friday, March 7, 2008

US computer science drought may be bottoming out

Recently I've been hearing a lot of lamenting over the low enrollment in CS programs across the US and Canada. There are so many interesting things to study in CS and its a shame that students who might otherwise enroll in it choose other pograms instead, especially if the reason is simply because of the dot com bust. I can understand concerns about the tech sector and its perceived instability, but I think it's also important to have a more long-term outlook. And maybe it's a little naive, but doing what you love is always a good reason too. At the very least it will ensure you have some investment in what you are studying, and you may perform better because of that.

On the other hand, with fewer students in these programs, there are a lot more opportunities for those of us sticking with it. Which, I guess, isn't a bad thing.

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