Monday, March 24, 2008

WICS Goes Tubing

To celebrate (or help us survive) the end of the semester, our WICS group decided to go Tubing at Mt. Seymour. Basically, you slide head first down a really steep hill. They claim you can break by digging your toes into the snow as you slide, but this didn't really do much for me (although you could somewhat alter course with this technique). The only way to slow down is by going up a steep bank at the end of the run, and hoping you aren't going so fast that you won't come back down again!

This turned out to be a surprisingly fun event. For two hours we each paid $12, and the two hours was really more than enough (I don't think we needed more time, so it was just right). Because there really is no prior skill required, anyone can do it. There's not too much walking in the snow, so you don't need any specialized equipment (but waterproof pants, jacket, and boots are nice). There is a lovely rope tow so you don't have to hike up the mountain again, and you don't need to be especially fit (just need to be able to carry your tube...which reminds me why my arms are still sore two days later).

We got a lot of nice pictures:

Above you can see the breaking hill; you are supposed to stop before hitting the yellow bags at the top but this is not always the case.

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