Monday, May 26, 2008


The summer semester started a few weeks ago, but I've been kept very busy so far. So busy, I haven't had time to blog! :(

We are off to a busy semester with WICS, and have already had our semesterly kick-off lunch and a technical workshop: Java to C++. I am pleased to report that both were very well attended, especially the workshop, with 20 students showing up for the low down on pointers and passing by reference.

Apart from WICS, I am once again busy with research, preparing a new user study on PLEDS and a new research project. I have a directed reading course on the go, as well as a part-time intership (hopefully more details on that in the future).

As for the fun department, we are coming to the end of a two week drought in Battlestar episodes, the next one coming on Friday (only four more days!). I've also been kayaking, and sight-seeing with one of my relatives from Greece. είναι πολύ καλά!

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