Saturday, June 28, 2008

GALACTICA SITREP: Walking Around Earth

Hee hee! This is so funny.

Ok, I'll give you my theory on this 'Earth' business. I don't have much to go on for the final cylon, but what I'm thinking is that when Kara went through the vortex and saw Earth, she somehow also went back in time. We know Ron worked on TNG and leaves little homages to it in BSG episodes, like the NC1701D locker number in the first few episodes of this season. We also know that TNG had lots of these time-space continuum things, and although they've said BSG is different, I wonder if it's too tempting not to do. So, Kara goes back in time and sees Earth as it was. Now, either a) she does something to trigger the devastation on Earth of the present, or b) the fleet goes back to the vortex and goes through it, landing on the pristine Earth of the past that Kara saw. They become the 13th colony - all this has happened before, and all this has happened again. Eh!? Eh?! Not only that, but the 13th colony came from Kobol - and so has the fleet. Maybe once they've landed on Earth of the past, the faction of cylons still hostile to humans show up, there is a war, and everything is destroyed... I'm not too clear on details but that's my theory so far and I'm sticking with it!

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