Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's Be Clear About This...

When it comes to Sunday night radio:

1) 8PM: "Inside the Music" (CBC Radio 1) = Awesome. I learn something cool every time I listen, from documentaries on making movie music to tonight's "If It Be Your Will" documentary on Leonard Cohen. *claps*

2) 9PM: "In the Key of Charles" (CBC Radio 1) = Terrible. People have tried to explain how bad it is, but it never seems to do it justice. From last week's "Butterflies and Rainbows" theme to this week's theme of "Home", the music ranges from boring to awful and the host seems to have been chosen to match. Please CBC, for goodness sakes get rid of him, I know the rating slot is not worth much to you, but anything would be better than this!

3) 10PM: "Lights Out" (Rock 101) = Great, as long as they don't play Baby Schnooks. Has the added bonus of being on at the same time as Gregory Charles (see #2).

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