Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Reading

Continuing on with my Cormac McCarthy addiction, I recently read "All the Pretty Horses". I've read reviews by others who said that this was the first book they felt they could really enjoy because of its slower pace and because it doesn't have the relentlessness of "No Country for Old Men" or "The Road". Unfortunately, I feel just the opposite and really prefer his more fast-paced works. Still, there are some really beautifully written passages and I really enjoyed this one nonetheless.

After finishing the McCarthy pretty quickly, I spent the rest of the summer slogging through Stephen Baxter's "Coalescent". It's really got an interesting take on evolutionary theory and covers a grand span of time, from ancient Rome to the far future, but man, is it ever slow. Baxter, get an editor! The first three quarters could have done with condensing.

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