Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hillary Clinton Is Asked What Designers She Wears Moments After Making Point About Sexism -- Daily Intel

Saw this article the other day about how Hillary Clinton handled the question "Which designers do you prefer?". She answered, "Would you ever ask a man that question?". It made me laugh and I was pretty impressed with how she handled it - she didn't get mad but made it into a joke on the interviewer. However, it did remind me of my own experiences, where I've observed that people seem to find it perfectly acceptable to make all sorts of comments on a woman's appearance in professional situations, but hardly ever comment on a man's.

I myself have received all sorts of these kinds of remarks, from the innocuous 'You look nice today.' to the annoying and mildly offensive 'Why are you so dressed up? Do you have a date?/You must have a date.' Sometimes it's just a nice comment, and sometimes a response like Clinton's is necessary. Still, I've always found it curious why appearance is so important for one gender and not the other. In fact, I can think of only one occasion in the past few years where I've observed one man remark on another man's appearance in a professional situation, and the comment was 'Why are you so dressed up? Do you have an interview?'. See the difference?

I think this is just another example of some of the issues faced by women in tech or really any non-traditional role. What do you think?

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