Monday, December 20, 2010

Toyoko Delights

Here's a bit more about the Toyoko Inn I'm staying at:
  • The place is spotless. I'm not sure I've been in a cleaner hotel than this, regardless of price.
  • The room is pretty large for Japan:
Room with(out) a view (there's a freeway & baricade, but they are remarkably quiet at night).
  • I like how you don't need to ask for a hair dryer, and there are lots of other goodies like free internet, flashlight, tea kettle and tea, safe, and a pants presser:
  • TV is bilingual
  • Did I mention it's cheap AND has free breakfast! I had several types of delicious onigiri, pickled daikon, radish, and sour plums, three types of salad, miso soup, spinach & veggie gomae, and orange juice (being about the only foreigner there, I felt too conspicuous to take photos). Oishii! :D
Also, the room comes with the obligatory fancy toilet (also accompanied by instructions, but don't worry, I won't post those here).

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Anonymous said...

Love their hotels and special care of guests. They are flattered when you enjoy the food! You have enough Japanese to chat a bit. They love that, too!