Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grace Hopper 2011: What If I Could Attend Every Session I Was Interested In?

After several years of missing out, I'll finally be going back to the Grace Hopper Conference this November!  A combination of a more advantageous time with respect to my work and vacation schedule as well as my involvement with the Anita Borg Institute's Ambassador's program and recruitment efforts at work meant I could more easily fit it in this year.

It's always exciting to look at the schedule but with so many responsibilities to coordinate with sessions I want to attend, I find it useful to create a visual map of my schedule.  I did this for GHC 2008 and I've done it again this year, returning to Microsoft Visio to create it.  I have to say, I haven't found anything quite like the timeline feature in any other software and really like how easy it is to plug in my schedule using it!  I've converted mine to a graphic to share:

You can click to enlarge to a more readable size. :)

This year I'm particularly excited about a few of the mobile technology-related technical sessions, particularly the Thursday morning session on display security in mobile web browsers and HTML5 and mobile. What sessions are you planning to attend?  Which ones are you most excited about?  Am I the only one crazy enough to map out my schedule like this?

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