Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Back Into Blogging

You've probably noticed various tweets and posts about Nanowrimo, which just started today.  I've always wanted to try it and have made a few attempts in the past, but given a pretty hectic schedule this year I'm giving it a miss.  I am, however, going to try to step up my blogging, and do at least one post a day (I got a head start and posted twice in October, but, being November 1st, today is my first official post).

To kick us off, I thought I'd share a bit about some cool things I've seen lately (Twitter and Facebook mostly).  Topics generally fall into a few different themes:

Technology News
  • Bendy screens: This week I saw press about bendy screens from both Samsung and Nokia.  Excited to see what cool things they build with it next!
  • Kindle Fire: The latest offering from Amazon and their entry into the tablet space.  I'm very curious to see how this is going to work out and just how good the device will be.  Although I find tablets in general to be very cool and a tempting purchase, I can't quite justify them to myself as anything more than a toy just yet.
  • Kinect Ads: I was impressed with this ad.  Not only is it really well put together and beautifully done, but it tells a compelling story about the product (and it's obvious what the product is).  
Women in STEM/Business & Related Issues
A couple of interesting articles I read recently include:
I also heard about Sheryl Sandberg's latest investment in Levo League, which is dedicated to helping Generation Y women rise professionally.  It's a great idea, but I wonder if they will branch out to other generations if the initial effort is successful.

Other Useful Resources
  • Catalyst: Catalyst provides research on various aspects of women and business.  Their articles are informative and help bring issues like the gender wage gap to light.  I quite like their blog.
  • Spark: This program on CBC Radio styles itself as an 'ongoing conversation on technology and culture'.  Not only does host Nora Young provide excellent commentary and interviews with leading experts on subjects such as human computer interaction, robotics, and social networks, but she always makes an effort to pop in items related to women in technology (and the relative lack thereof), which is very cool.  You can find podcasts here.

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