Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking Forward to GHC12

Like many people, I came back from GHC11 supercharged and excited to get back to work!  GHC is energizing, motivating, and inspirational.  So naturally, I'm already thinking about next year's GHC, which will be in Baltimore, and topics for possible talks, panels, or BOFs.  The theme next year is, "Are we there yet?"; here's a few ideas kick off the brainstorming:

  1. Are we mentoring new grad women well enough yet?  I think the transition from academia to industry is hard, and especially if you've gone from a place with a great support network for women in tech to one where that support network is minimal, it can be even harder.  What are we doing to help make this transition easier for female new grad hires? 
  2. Related to 1: How to figure out what you need to know that you don't know as a new grad hire - what to ask for, what strategies to move your career forward, how to manage up.
  3. Mobile web development, testing techniques, and/or something web app-related.  Maybe looking at how different companies' techniques differ?
What topics are you interested in seeing next year?  If you're interested in presenting, what topics would you like to present?  I'm also curious to know which presentations you thought were the best this year. 


Gail Carmichael said...

I'm already trying to come up with what I want to present about. I'm thinking something related to education (since you got me excited about the idea of an education track), but now I can think about it in terms of the theme. Having missed this year's GHC I am extra pumped to make next year's AMAZING. :D

Kate said...

Awesome! Good luck with your submissions and hope to see you there! :D