Friday, January 13, 2012

A Few CES-Related Items...

Are you following the latest tech coming out of CES this year?  I was going to post about some of the cool new tech being shown there, but I found two interesting videos related to CES and Women in Tech that I wanted to share instead (even though the new Nokia 900 with Windows Phone is pretty exciting!)...

First up is a piece by the BBC which explores the effect CES' 'Booth Babes' has on attendees of both genders.  It's interesting to hear the perspective of women working in tech at CES - I thought they did a great job of expressing their discomfort in a way that (hopefully) all viewers of the video can relate to.

Second there is a video of a panel on Women in Tech with panelists Padmasree Warrior of Cisco, Marissa Mayer of Google, Caterina Fake of Hunch, and Lindsey Turrentine of CNET.  Their conversation is interesting and ranges across many aspects of the issue, from when to start educating students on CS, work-life balance, and how to succeed in the tech industry.

What are your thoughts on CES?  I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has actually been there in person!

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