Monday, December 10, 2012

Ada Lovelace Day, CS Ed Week, and More!

Given my recent post on the state of math education in Canada, I have a few relevant updates that may be of interest:

CS Ed Week
Whether you're a student, educator, parent, or CS geek like me, if you haven't checked out CS Ed Week yet you should!  There's all sorts of great information, activities, and events for all sorts of people, including a #CSEdWeek Twitter conversation tomorrow at 6pm ET, some interesting articles to read, and links to cool demos.

For my small contribution I helped out at the University of Washington's CSE Open House last weekend, where we showed of Windows Phone to nearly 700 students, parents, and educators and helped them learn how to make a simple Windows Phone app.  It was really neat to introduce some of the attendees to programming and show them an immediate practical application of it, which seemed to get them pretty excited!

Ada Lovelace's Birthday
December 10th marked what would have been Ada Lovelace's 197th birthday.  If you haven't heard of her, Ada is the author of the first computer program and a well used example of women in Computer Science.  Unfortunately her detractors have mounted a campaign to discredit her, saying for various reasons that she did not in fact write that program, that she had help or made mistakes etc, etc.  You can (and should!) read more about it in this excellent article.

Earlier this year we celebrated Ada Lovelace Day, on which everyone is supposed to write about a female role model in CS.  Here's my post in case you missed it.

A pic of the video I really wanted to post!
Grace Hopper's Birthday
December is when all the cool kids are born, apparently!  December 9 was Grace Hopper's birthday, so following the theme I'll end this post with her wonderful explanation of what a nanosecond is (since my favourite video, her interview with Letterman, seems to have been removed from the internet due to copyright infringement, grumble grumble...).

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