Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day 2014

International Women's Day
Today is International Women's Day 2014, and there's a ton of great news, information and activity happening around the world!

Here are some cool things to share:
Women in Computing Science Alumni Endowment Fund
In case you're looking for a good cause to support to mark the occasion, you might be interested in donating to the new Women in Computing Science (WICS) Alumni Endowment Fund for my alma mater, Simon Fraser University!  I've posted a few times already but given the day and given that we haven't yet reached our goal, I'm going to do so again now.

WICS is a student society that helps support and promote women studying Computing Science.  They are an inclusive org that also welcomes male supporters and allies.  Since many of the WICS alumni in recent years have gone on to do awesome things and build successful careers, we wanted to give back by funding a scholarship to support women in the pipeline - women studying CS now who could use our help.

Here's how you can donate in Canada:
  • Go to
  • Click the bar 'Online' and add your contact information
  • Under *Please designate my gift*, choose: Faculty of Applied Sciences - Student Support
  • Under *Additional Donation Designation Information* - please enter the name of the fund as 'The Women in Computing Science Alumni Endowment Fund'.
You can also donate if you are in the US: the organization is Friends Of Simon Fraser University which is a 501(3)c (for charitable donation purposes).  Please indicate that you are donating to 'The Women in Computing Science Alumni Endowment Fund'.

We still need about $4K to launch the award, so anything you can contribute will help!  If you've pledged to donate but haven't yet, today would be an awesome day to do so!

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