Monday, October 15, 2007

Robots & Conferences

We [finally] arrived in Orlando after a harrowing journey on buses, taxis, and airplanes. A good deal of time was also spent between modes of transportation. Lesson learned: red eye flights are very cheap, but there are good reasons for avoiding them.

We got to the conference today and immediately started setting up and doing testing in the actual maze. There's a new video on facebook, as well as several photos. We are just doing some last minute code fixes (especially for blob-finding) and hopefully will be ready to go by tomorrow afternoon, when the first real trials are being held. We've also had some nice comments on our robot box, which we painted white to match the roomba icreate.

Tonight we will be participating in the poster presentation, after some minor complications (namely, I forgot the poster in Vancouver). I am very interested in the other projects and will hopefully get a chance to learn some new things tonight.

Overall I have been very impressed with the friendliness of the people we have encountered so far - from hotel and restaurant staff (speaking of which, our villa is super swanky!), to taxi drivers, to fellow conference attendees. It is very exciting to be part of the events taking place here this week!

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