Monday, November 19, 2007

More iPhone Tips

So I finally got a phone account I can use iPhone with. The thing is, I wasn't too keen on upgrading my firmware, particularly since now 1.1.2 is out and I'm not clear on how easy it is to upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.2 without bricking the thing. So, we decided to try anySim on 1.0.2 software. Worked like a charm, although once again reset the phone to displaying only 300 MB available. This time, to fix that problem we used Cyberduck to SSH in and remove the Media folders. There are some tricks on the net about renaming to Media.old etc etc. Well, that didn't work for me - in fact instead of saying 300 MB available I ended up with 1 GB available, because I actually had 6 GB of songs on my iPod already. I figured they were hidden in one of the folders on the phone. So, I simply deleted all Media folders (I couldn't find anyone else who'd done this so for anyone who finds this, it seems to work ok). Strangely, there was one called Media.iNdependence. This was the problem one - once I deleted I was back up to 7.2 GB available space. So there you have it.

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