Monday, December 10, 2007

End of Semester Updates

It's been a long, difficult semester for me, but it is finally coming to a close. There were many challenges along the way, and I gained many new skills and learned many new things, from python, to robotics hardware and programming strategy, to the fundamentals of Complexity Theory. I also worked on my first real research project, wrote a paper, attended two conferences, competed in my very first robotics competition, as well as the Google Games. Still, I'm very glad it's all over and am only waiting to hear about the results of one last course.

I have many plans for the winter break. From now until January I will be working on completing the coding for my research project, PLEDS, which I will probably talk more about at a later date. I have submitted a demo paper to a conference and have high hopes for it! I am also working on a new NSERC proposal for an Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship. I also think I should really take a crack at brushing up on C++ and becoming proficient with it. I plan to reread Cormen and improve my skills in the theory and algorithm area. I know this is not my strongest area and I want to do my best to improve. Finally, I would like to work on improving my French - it's been a long-abandoned language for me, but it may be useful in the coming year.

This marks the end of my undergraduate career! I feel that it is somewhat of a milestone and am looking forward to starting my Master's in January.

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