Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Help Us Integrate Your Ideas!

And, here's my latest GHCBloggers post. Today I'm talking about our Birds of a Feather session and asking for reader's input. If you somehow made it here rather than the GHCBloggers site, feel free to leave a comment here, but I think it might be easier to keep them all in one place at the GHCBloggers site. Thanks!


As has been mentioned (a few times now, sorry!), I am part of a four-person international collaboration that will be presenting a Birds of a Feather session (Friday, October 3rd, 5:10 p.m. — 6:10 p.m.) at this year's Grace Hopper Conference. Our session is entitled: "╩âIntegrating Ideas = Together We Can Make a Better World", and will be presented by Aakriti Agarwal, Sunayana Sitaram, Alicia Chong, and me, Kate Tsoukalas.

Here is a quick excerpt from our session proposal:

"Facebook, email, the internet and other types of online networking provide our long distance relationships with the fastest and easiest communication ever. This session is mainly about Student Group Networking, because different Women in Technology Student Groups around the globe are working with similar purposes. These networking applications make it easy for us to share ideas, but most importantly, integrating them can give the result that most groups expect and are working hard to accomplish. We really think that Together We Can Build a Better World - that by integrating our ideas, sharing old ones and making new ones our Student Groups can grow, and new student groups can come forward."

Part of the presentation will consist of a discussion of our experiences using networking tools to build our own women in technology student groups, with advice and tips on how you can too. However, we want to try to 'integrate' the ideas from a larger community - the global community - to help give women in technology groups a boost the world over.

This is where you come in!

Before, during, and after the session, we will be collecting your ideas, feedback, and experiences, and posting them on the internet so that we will have a record of all the amazing things being done to promote these student groups. So whether you've faced challenges or experienced great successes, we'd love to hear about it and possibly share it during our session. You can leave your comments right here at this post, and we'll be sure to 'integrate' them with our session materials as the conference approaches. Post away!

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