Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Computer Fun!

So, a few week's ago my laptop croaked. I mean literally, emitted croaking noises. On it's last legs, I was forced to retire it and seek a replacement.

Instead of going for a laptop, I opted for a desktop with more power for the same money. And of course, with that came the 64 bit version of Windows Vista. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised - so far no problems (except one little crash due to a faulty memory key), and I like the new interface quite a bit.

Today I discovered you can sync the Windows Calendar with Google Calendar, which is a nice feature. I also like that search is built in (it's everywhere, including folders you browse). Something I'm not so fond of is the new start menu; I'm finding it annoying to have to find infrequently used programs. The search box helps though. Also, why isn't there a 'run' option anymore? I always have to search for 'cmd' if I want the command line...

I'm also trying out Office 2007, which is pretty cool. I'm undecided on the ribbon, it takes some getting used to and sometimes it's hard to find things (format for text, anyone?), so the jury is out on that.

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