Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kindle: Waterproofed!

First post of 2012!  I've been quite busy with the holidays and visiting friends and family, so I haven't had time to put much together for my blog.  However I did get a Christmas present worth talking about: this waterproof case for my Kindle:

Why the need for such a funny looking case?  Well, a few months ago my first Kindle suffered a bath time misadventure, and no amount of rice-bag drying would resurrect it.  I loved my Kindle so much I got a second one, but did some thorough researching and decided to get this case to protect it from any further mishaps.

Yes, the straps are a bit hokey, and the seal at the top is basically a double zip-lock that rolls up and snaps, but  I have now tested it and it's pretty awesome.  I doused it pretty well with water and although there some got into the roll-up part of the case, none managed to get inside and my Kindle was safe.  From the other reviews on Amazon, yours should be too should you decided to take the...plunge.  Happy New Year! :-)

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