Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Developing for Windows Phone 7

A quick update on my latest project: developing an app for Windows Phone.  One of my other pasttimes here in Seattle is playing Ultimate Frisbee (pretty frequently, too; I might play as much as four times a week in the summer).  However, if I'm on the go and need to figure out when and where my next game is, unfortunately the existing websites containing our schedules do not work well on mobile devices.  The text is small, I usually need to log in and navigate to several different pages before finding it, and forget about an easy way to see the map.  So, I decided to make an app for my phone that will do all this for me.  Here are some screen shots:

I've just submitted my app (last night, 10:30pm!) and am waiting for it to be approved for the Marketplace.  I'm planning to write a little more here about the different challenges I encountered and how I worked around them, so stay tuned!


ZZ Xing said...

Cool! Is that a free app?

Kate said...

Yes, it is free! There is one small add in the first screen.