Thursday, May 17, 2012

Announcing the Launch of "Where's My Game?"!

On Tuesday this week my first Windows Phone app, "Where's My Game?", was finally published.  If you play frisbee in the Greater Seattle region, this app is for you!  Here are a few things it will help you to do:
  • for a given DiscNW league and team, see when and where your next game is (handy when on the go, since the desktop websites that host the schedules are hard to use from a smartphone)
  • map your game and get directions from your current location (helpful if you're lost)
  • see the DiscNW Twitter feed for any last minute cancellations/field changes
I've already submitted my first update which will add this summer's Microsoft Ultimate Hat League schedule, so if you work at Microsoft and play frisbee you can see your games and locations too.  That should be available later this week or early next (I'll make another announcement when it is).

In the coming weeks I'll add:
  • the ability to save your favorite teams/leagues
  • more dynamically loaded team schedules (so cancellations/rescheduled games appear faster)
Long term plans include creating a web service so groups can submit their own schedules.  That's a ways off, however.  For now, I hope you enjoy the app and find it useful!

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