Friday, May 18, 2012

GHC 2012 Submission Results

The results are in for two of the proposals I submitted to this year's Grace Hopper Conference (GHC12).  I'm happy to say that although the acceptance rate was especially low this year, so far one of my proposals has been accepted!

The proposal is a Birds of a Feather session with my two good friends Kerry Corrigall and Aakriti Agarwal and is titled "Are we ready for the next level yet? Perspectives from junior women in technology".  It's all about our experiences making our way through our respective companies as junior women and our thoughts on what junior women can do to make it to the mid-career stage.  

I went to school with Kerry, who is now working in the IT industry, and did a BOF on Women in Tech student groups at GHC 08 with Aakriti.  Interestingly, Aakriti lives in Singapore, Kerry lives in Canada, and I live in the US, making our panel truly international.  I am so excited to be presenting with them this fall!


Apis said...

This sounds amazing Kate! So exciting... Congrats!!


Kate said...

Thanks Apis! :)

ZZ Xing said...

Very interesting topic. Congratulations!

Kate said...

Thanks Crystal, I hope you will attend! :-)