Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you ready for social networking at GHC12?

Any Grace Hopper is such a whirlwind, it's a good idea to prepare beforehand.  Whether you're new to our GHC Communities or an old hand returning this year, there are lots of useful resources to help make your experience as smooth as possible!
  • Check out last year's blog posts: they'll give you a good idea of the topics, style, and content GHC attendees like to read about
  • Take a look at the GHC LinkedIn page: there are a tonne of great posts by new and returning attendees as well as ways to get more involved with the conference
  • Read notes on last year's sessions: If you're a note taker, get an idea of what kinds of information to record for our wiki
  • If you're a photographer, check out last year's Flickr group and see what kinds of shots to get at this year's conference.
Finally, if you're an official blogger or note-taker for this year's conference and haven't signed up yet for your sessions, please do so now!  And while you don't need to go as crazy on details as I have, waiting until the conference will make it hard to plan your schedule.  Since GHC is so packed, you'll regret missing that fantastic session that's so relevant to your work/studies/career development.

Did I miss anything?  How are you preparing for GHC12?

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