Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GHC13 Panelists Needed for Mobile Tech Panel

Yesterday I wrote about a proposal I'm working on for GHC13.  Luckily I got a great response from my post and found more than enough panelists.  

However, I have a second proposal entitled "Thinking big about great mobile experiences: smart development and test techniques drive us forward!".  Here's the abstract:

"As the number of mobile technology user is increasing, developers need to switch their thinking from designing applications for a desktop environment to cater to the specific needs, limits, and opportunities of mobile devices. However, many developers of mobile websites and applications repeat common mistakes that result in a poor user experience. In this talk, we will:
  • Share important guidelines for developing better mobile applications and websites such as: planning principles, design modeling principles, coding principles and concepts and others.
  • Analyze and present common pitfalls, bugs, and design flaws made by mobile developers
  • Present strategies and techniques for testing mobile-focused products
  • Provide a forum for members of the audience to share their mobile testing/developer experience"
Right now we have two panelists and are looking for up to two more panelists and one moderator.

Please let me know if you are interested!

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